Grand Rapids Michigan Makes For A Nice Family Vacation

There is only one other city in Michigan that is larger than Grand Rapids, and of course it’s Detroit. While the city of Grand Rapids itself only has a little less than 200k, that population is nothing to sneeze at for sure. The metro area has a population of more than a million. Grand Rapids is one of the best cities in the state to visit, and here are five attractions there that you might want to visit.

The John Ball Zoo is one such attraction, and it features over 2000 animals. There is also a tram, a zipline and more that you and your family can experience together. It is important to note that you can’t visit this zoo during the wintertime. If you’re in the area during the spring summer or fall, however, you can make your way to 1300 Fulton Street West. The penguin habitat is said to be one of the best exhibits.

The top-ranked attraction in Grand Rapids is Meyer May House, and it is open daily during the afternoon from 1 to 4 pm. You definitely want to be sure you time your visit. The address is 450 Madison Avenue SE, and guess what. Frank Lloyd Wright was the designer of the home. It was constructed in 1908, and you’re going to see so many different architectural styles. You get to tour the home after watching a short movie about the property and its history.

The Gerald R Ford Museum is a great place to check out in Grand Rapids, too. There are all kinds of great displays at this museum. One of the interactive exhibits is a scene of the Oval Office where you find yourself an observer of a very important day. It’s really a neat place to visit according to reviewers. You will find the Gerald R Ford Museum at 303 Pearl Street NW.

The Grand Rapids Public Museum is also a great place to check out as well. The museum has three floors, and you will find it located at 272 Pearl Street NW. There is a toy exhibit there that will interest the kids, and the museum also features a little cafe where you can get something to eat and grab a drink. Reviews point to the fact that there is a section on the first floor that takes you back in time with an old-style city setup.

The Heritage Hill Historic District is a wonderful area of Grand Rapids to visit, too. The historic home mentioned earlier is in this district, so you might as well check out the entire area. Make your way to 126 College Avenue SE, and it makes for a wonderful walking tour.

Grand Rapids, Michigan is a lovely city for a family vacation. It’s also a great city to live, and you and yours are going to enjoy exploring Grand Rapids. See what else is in the area, as there are 57 listed places of interest and things to do. Enjoy the Grand Rapids vacation that awaits you.